Founder/Owner – Liz Hamilton

In 1997 an opportunity was dropped in my lap that has taken me on a journey I could never have imagined. I started my career in web marketing and development with, originally hired to build and manage the customer services team helping innkeepers get one of their first online listings with the leading national directory at the time. Many did not have Internet, there were no smartphones, and NO one had booking online. Eventually I moved into the role of Director of Services continuing the education of innkeepers and promotion of the industry. The role took me to conferences large and small all over the country meeting innkeepers, speaking at events and holding educational workshops.

In 2001 after moved to Austin TX I branched out and started a consulting company called Maia Internet Consulting that offers  Custom and Template WordPress Websites along with Search Engine Marketing. As a consultant, 2007 found me with the great pleasure of working alongside Trent Blizzard at Blizzard Internet Marketing on how to make blogging work for their clients and realizing the possibility of using WordPress as a website platform (CMS) in addition to a blog platform.

The last 6 years found me in the role of Director of Design working closely with Scott and Allison Crumpton and the amazing team at White Stone Marketing where I held the position of Director of Design.

LodgingSites has been a work in progress for a few years and has finally come to fruition. I feel that websites should be affordable, beautiful and effective and that is where LodgingSites comes into the picture, bringing all the years and experience into a new company.

Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII)
The Association of Independent Innkeepers International (AIHP)