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Additional Services

Flex Hours

Do you find yourself needing some help with your current site? Maybe you need some updates but just don’t have the time or forgot how to make the changes. This is where our FLEX HOURS packages are helpful. The hours never expire and you can use them to send in website updates. Use your Flex Hours to make website edits, tweak or simply use for maintenance.

Turn around time is up to 5 business days but could be faster depending on how busy the team is at any given time and the extent of the update. The hourly cost for updates, without a flex hour package is $125 per hour. Updates can include coding, website updates, adding plugins and other website fixes edits or enhancements.

Pricing Options
Pricing for Flex Hours starts at $75 per hour when you purchase a 12-pack and $90 per hour for a 6-pack.

Content Marketing

Is it hard to find the time to write for your blog or update old pages on your website. That is where our content writing services come into play. Hire our team to write articles to help boost your SEO, create full length magazine type articles. Each article is carefully researched using info from your client briefs. Our editorial team has members that come from publishing and news.

Pricing Options
Pricing starts at $120 for a standard article up to 500 words. The article will includes your main keywords and associated words. More complexed and longer articles  (up to 1000 words) are $195 and are more like magazine articles.

Hosting and Email

We offer a simple WordPress hosting plan for clients that includes a FREE installation of ssl for https sites. There is a set up fee of $150 to move your site to our servers and then a $45 monthly fee. If you are not moving your site and building a new site via our Membership Website or Custom Hosting then the fee to move the site can usually be waived.

Email accounts are $3.00 per month per email account. Email support is additional and will need to be purchased via our Flex Hours product.