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Your speaker, Liz Hamilton has been working with the web since 1997 and is an expert on Internet Marketing. As the owner of lodgingsites and Maia Internet Consulting, she combines expertise gained over the years in search, blogging, front-end web development, and internet marketing to bring affordable online marketing solutions to small businesses. A seasoned speaker presenting at Bed and Breakfast conferences since 1998 Liz Hamilton is available to speak on a number of topics, here are just a few ideas.

Google Analytics – Finding the Data You Need

Google Analytics can give you an overwhelming amount of data, but what is it that you really need to know? In this session we look at digging into reports at a high level and pulling out key elements to help with ongoing marketing decisions.

We look at some of the basic things it is helpful to know;

  • Is analytics set up right on your site for tracking?
  • How is your Organic search doing? Where is the traffic coming from? Where can you improve?
  • What directories or paid listings are sending you traffic, is it worth the renewal rates they are asking?
  • Identifying pages that need help, are people leaving your rooms pages after just a few seconds?
  • Creating Dashboards to find data quickly
  • Adding goals for the top booking engines to track revenue.

This is a basic level class designed to help find some information out about your website so you can make better marketing decisions.

A Few Simple Tips to Help Improve Your Website and Conversion Rates

In this session we go over some simple tips on how to improve the website experience for guests. We look at some tools you can use to gather data on what needs to be improved and how to make those changes. Some simple tweaks here and there can make a big difference.

Some things we go over;
Organic Search

  • Photos are they selling the property, how can you make improvements
  • Your content, is it selling the property or putting people to sleep, is it over optimized? What is the right amount of keyword per text block?
  • What are the best words to use to get guests to the booking engine?
  • What is missing from your site that guests always look for?
  • What are the top pages a guest visits before going to the booking engine?

Website Reviews Live

Always a popular session, first presented by Liz Hamilton in 2002 at the PAII VIII conference at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, IL. This was a morning session that woke up the whole room after a rather dreary accounting presentation on Quickbooks.

In this session we pull up attendee websites and look at them together, we discuss what we liked, what we think can be improved and help make the site better. It is all done in fun but with some real take aways for everyone in the session.

Always well attended and lots of fun.

Styling & Photographing Your Rooms

Photography by Liz Hamilton

photo by Liz Hamilton

Photos, Photos, Photos, how many times do you hear that the photographs are what sells a property?

In this session we look at what works and what doesn’t, we look at how to improve a room ready for a photo, it is not always the same as how it looks when the guest arrives.

We go over the options for professional photographers and who to look too in the industry, and where to store images for news and press articles. We also talk about what to do if you don’t have tons of money to spend on hiring a professional and how you can hire locally for less, or capture some basic shots yourself with a good digital camera and flash. This session comes with a photographers cheat sheet you can take with you or give to a local photographer to help you get the best shots of your property.

As a professional photographer in a past life, Liz Hamilton knows photography and gives a lot of great tips and feedback in this session from the years of photography, website building and marketing.

Liz Hamilton has become an expert on hospitality marketing and as the Director of Services for BedandBreakfast.com, Design Project Manager at Blizzard Internet Marketing and more recently the Director of Design at White Stone Marketing she brings experience from many recognized leaders in the industry.

Contact Us via email lizh@lodgingsites.net or by phone 1.720.266.8384 for your next event.